No more home advantage? Evaluating the impact of the removal of crowds during the Covid-19 pandemic on team performance across elite European football leagues.

Part 1- Basically from the start, I have been allocated into 3 different leagues which are primary, secondary, and tertiary. Primary was Scottish league, secondary turkey super Liga, tertiary was german Bundesliga division 2. After that, I was told to collect data and analyze the data through a multidimensional scale analysis and SPSS statistics Proxscal for the 3 seasons which are 2018/19, 2019/20, and 2020/2021. I have already done that part and you can find the graphs in the attached materials.

Part 2- I have to write up my dissertation which consists of 4000 words maximum by using a format called the empirical project, I have to write Introduction, method, result, discussion, and conclusion. I have also attached some materials which are my assessment brief and instructions. In the materials section, you could also find the excel sheet of my data collection. I have also attached some notes for my dissertation and I hope it would be helpful for you please feel free to edit and make some changes if there is any mistakes.

Part 3- referencing has to be done by using APA 7th edition. I am aiming for around 35-40 sources. Appendices could include the graphs and etc.

I have also ordered progressive delivery for my report. I need to get my introduction, method, and results section done by the 22nd of April. So it would be great if you could send me that work by the 21st of April and I can send it to my lecturer for feedback. My actual deadline for my dissertation is due on the 20th of May. For these 3 sections, I aiming at approximateawzly around 2200-2350 words?