New wave of terrorism

What the fifth wave of terrorism will be?
Rewrite and expand the text in 275-300 words max.

During this course this semester, after learning more about the full array of terrorist threats, both foreign and domestic, I still feel challenged to predict what the fifth wave of terrorism will look like exactly. It is certain that terrorism won’t disappear, but it is hard to say how exactly the new wave will manifest. Despite the lack of consensus on the fifth wave, it seems that it may still not be entirely new, but it will probably have some common characteristics with the current one. That is because religious terrorist groups and individuals continue to be a threat to the international community. Despite the fact that ISIS lost the territory it once had and its attacks are declining, the numbers in some countries still remain alarming. Besides that, extreme right-wing violence and terrorism continue to grow as a threat to Western societies. So terrorism today has become very diverse. Additionally, the nature of terrorism has changed as well now with the use of social media for propaganda dissemination, recruitment and encouragement of lone-wolf terrorism.
The stress here should be on the fact that terrorism is more diverse today and has so many different forms.

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