Neuroticism, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness

Final Paper Information

Paper Overview This paper is to follow the process a research paper would follow if you had actually collected the data yourself.  In this case, you are using the data provided to you in the files.  It is preferred the writing be academic style writing.  See the Guidelines for Effective Professional and Academic Writing in the Course Resources Folder.


You will select one set of data out of all the options to use for your research paper.  There are 3 sets of data for each one of the Big Five (Openness (or imagination), Neuroticism, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, and Extraversion).  Each set of data has scores from the IPIP of the Big Five and three other sets of data, 1.  survey number, 2.  gender, and 3. either age category, school level, or ethnicity.  For example, there is a set of data for Extraversion, which has a survey number, the mean score from the IPIP for each participant for Extraversion, gender and age category.  There is second set of data for Extraversion, which has a survey number, the mean score from the IPIP for each participant for Extraversion, gender and school level.  There is third set of data for Extraversion, which has a survey number, the mean score from the IPIP for each participant for Extraversion, gender and ethnicity.


You will select one set of data to use for your final paper.


Introduction Clarification:

You will write an introduction as if you had collected the data yourself.  You decide what that is.  You can say you surveyed leaders in an organization, or coaches, or nurses, or restaurant owners, or grocery store staff, etc.  The options are limitless.


Peer Reviewed Article Clarification:

When conducting research, you always see what other research has been conducted for the topic you are using for your research.  This is where the Peer-reviewed article is required.  The article is NOT what your research is about; it IS about the general topic (one of the Big Five) you selected.  Who else has conducted research about the Big Five you selected?  In a real research project, you would include summaries of all other relevant research which has been conducted on your topic.  In this case, you just need to select ONE article for the Big Five you selected.  You do NOT use the data from this article for your research.  You DO use it to show someone else has conducted research on, for example, Extraversion.


Methodology Clarification:

When summarizing your results, you will need to describe the methodology you followed for capturing your data.  This is something you can decide.  Sections you can include are:  Your Sampling Plan, or how you gathered the data.  For example, did you use a paper copy, or through an online version such as using Survey Monkey?  Who were the participants?  This you can answer from the introduction section.  In the Methodology Section, you can also include the procedure you used.  Did the participants self rate, or did someone rate about them?  What instruments were used?  What did the instruments give you?  Here is an example of the procedure section:


The leaders provided self-ratings on the Mini-IPIP which includes self-ratings on 20 questions on the Big Five personality factors of openness, neuroticism, conscientiousness, agreeableness, and extroversion.

Demographic data provided by the participants will also be utilized in the study as independent variables.


Results section clarification:

You will then describe the Results of YOUR data, NOT the results of the peer-reviewed article data.  You will need to provide descriptive statistics for the Big Five you selected for Gender and the other variable you selected.  Descriptive Statistics includes measures of Central Tendency and measures of Dispersion.  For example, if you selected Extraversion, you can provide the mean for the Extraversion scores for Males and the mean of Extraversion scores for the Females in your data set.  You can also provide the mode, and median.  You will also provide descriptive statistics for the additional variable the data you selected has. For example, if you selected Ethnicity, you would provide the mean score for Extraversion for White, Hispanic, Black and other, or if you selected school level, you would provide the mean for extraversion scores for High School graduates, some college, college graduate and post graduate.  You also provide the Measures of Dispersion. For example, what is the range of Extraversion scores for Males and what is the range of extraversion scores for females, what are the standard deviations for each, etc. For descriptive statistics, it may be helpful to provide a table or bar chart which is in the paper (not as an appendix)


You will also provide the results of the inferential statistics for your variable.  The only requirement for inferential statistics is to provide the t-test results for your variable with gender.  In the results, if there is a similarity from what previous research has shown from your peer-reviewed article you can add a sentence such as These results are consistent with the findings from the research of Jones and Smith (2015).  You do not have to include the comparison of your findings to prior research for this paper. 


Conclusion clarification.  Summarize in a few sentences what your findings were.

Content Description Example

The italicized information is where you put what you want. 

Introduction Introduce the concept you are researching and state why you conducted this research. Research was performed on the Big Five personality traits. Make up a purpose, for example, This research was conducted to determine which personality traits leadership has, or little league coaches have, or nurses have.  This summary includes the information on Neuroticism. Neuroticism is defined as……
Peer-reviewed article summary Find a peer-reviewed article on the Big Five, or you can search on the trait you are summarizing. See article summary examples in Canvas/MSC3370 Course Resources.
Methodology Describe how the data were collected. Data were collected from 253 participants.  There were xx males, and xx females who completed the Mini IPIP.  Include a statement about where they worked or from where they were recruited to participate.  For example, you might say the participants were part of a leadership group in an organization, or coaches from a little league, or nurses from a hospital…..
Results Descriptive Data

Inferential Data

Descriptive data: The mean for Neuroticism for males was xxx and the mean for females was xxx.  The descriptive statistics for Neuroticism for the age categories (use the information for the file you selected – age, school level, or ethnicity)  is as follows. You can include information on mean, standard deviation, range, etc. You can also include a bar chart if you want.

Inferential data: Include the Ho, Ha, and results. See lecture and homework for Week 6

Conclusion Statement or two concluding the paper