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Required at least 12 reputable sources and 12 minimum pages not including appendix, references etc: I have also include the link where you can search the company profile: let me know if you can’t get in…
Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
Familiarize yourself with the structure and requirements for the full, final project by studying the instructions and rubric for the 6.6 Assignment.
Select a large public corporation as the subject of your research.
Begin conducting research on your subject company, focusing initially on its management, its history, and its product lines.Sources of research information might consist of (but are not limited to) annual financial reports published by the company, news articles and analyst opinions, interviews with management, and reputable internet sources that provide comparable industry financial information.
Recommended financial news and data sites include Yahoo Finance, Reuters, Morningstar, and MSN Money. Extensive data and analysis is also available through Off Campus Library Services.For instance, detailed company profiles can be found for most large companies in the Business Source Complete database.
From the library homepage (OCLS), under “Article Databases,” select “Business.” On the next page, select “Business Source Complete.” You may be asked to login at this point, and you should then be in the Business Source Complete database.
At the top-center of the screen, find the word “MORE.” Hover over the word, and you will get a drop-down menu where you can choose Company Profiles. Select and you will be taken to a screen where you can search for a company.

A minimum of 12 unique research sources from reputable scholarly, news, or industry sources will be required for the final paper. Keep track of your resources so you can appropriately list them in the reference list of your paper. The sources should represent an appropriately well-balanced variety of perspectives.

Write a brief overview of the company, its management, its history, and its product lines, keeping in mind that this overview will provide a foundation for the rest of your paper.
The full, completed paper will consist of a minimum of 12 pages of content (not including cover, reference, and appendix pages). It is therefore recommended that this section should be one to two pages in length. Be concise but thorough.
Your paper should be professionally written and follow full APA format, with all appropriate citations, references, and formatting. It should include an appropriate cover page and a references section.For questions on APA style, go to the APA Style Guide.

When you’ve completed your overview, save a copy for yourself and submit by the end of the workshop.