NAUS1 – Presentation – Evolution of Technology.

Task Summary
Individually, you are to develop a presentation that will be presented to the class, in person, or via a recording (online students). Your presentation will discuss a contemporary technology that has become public in the last 30 years and will examine two major areas: Firstly, how it challenges the existing moral and ethical framework of society. The second area it should address is the immediate effects on human understanding and knowledge. Your presentation should last roughly 8-10 minutes ( /- 10% of the time) and display a clear understanding of the contemporary technology you have chosen.
Task Instructions
This assessment requires you to:
Investigate a technology development from the past 30 years, of your own choosing.
You must then determine the effects on society, through a moral and/or ethical lens.
You must consider the direct progressive effects, from a technical perspective – what that development inspired within the industry.
You will then create a presentation that follows a basic structure that seeks to investigate three primary elements (bullet points below). Within the three primary elements you may wish to answer the following questions:
The technology itself
Can you measure its accessibility?
What moral or ethical issues did the development process have?
Immediate effects of the development
When it launched – or became available – what happened in the first few years?
Did society have any issues with adopting this technology? How severe were they?
What changed within society after it became available?
What technologies carried on this new system into their own development?
Long-term moral and ethical effects of the technology
What longer-term projects did the technology inspire?
Have perspectives of other issues shifted because of this technology?
Has it helped or hindered human development worldwide or within certain regions?
Three main primary elements should determine the basic structure of your presentation; however, you are able to modify them as long as they keep the basic structure in place
. The conclusion of the presentation should contain no less than 2 ‘takeaway points’ that sum up your assessment of the technology. Ideally, these takeaway points should encapsulate your evaluation of the moral, ethical and technological effects of the technology you have examined, in line with the principles we have covered so far in the subject.
You will be assessed on the explanation and understanding of the development of the technology, and its emergence into the market. Your understanding on how this development adheres (or does not adhere) to the principles covered thus far in the subject will be marked as well.