Music Sales Project

Perform all actions as directed in each of the steps while taking note of terms and concepts. Post a snapshot of your page to this assignment when finished. Make sure to include the Tableau file. Make sure you name the workbook appropriately.
Which Artists Sells the Most?
Now that you know the most popular genres in Europe and Asia, you are asked to determine which artist sells the most. You are also asked to show if the artists produced tracks on only one genre or if they have music across multiple genres.
1. Drag the Artist dimension to Rows.
2. Drag the Quality measure to Columns. Notice, this will automatically aggregate quantity using SUM.
3. Drag the Genre dimension to the Color shelf. Notice, this places a Genre pill in the Marks shelf with a color icon right beside it.
4. Drag the Quantity measure to the Label shelf. Notice, this places a Quantity pill in the Marks shelf with an “Abc” icon right beside it.
5. Click on the SUM (Quantity) pill in the Marks shelf to show the dropdown and choose Format.
In the Default section, click on the Numbers dropdown.
Choose Number (Standard).
Click OK when done.
6. Click on the right side of the Artist pill in the Rows shelf. This will show the dropdown. Choose Filter.
In the Filters window, choose the Top tab (4th tab).
Choose By Field: Top 20 by Quantity Sum.
Click OK when done.