Museum Visit

Do some research on the work you selected, the artist and the time period. Discuss the artist and the work according to the research, but, most importantly, why this one particular work out of all the others appealed to you. Include an image of the work selected and a photo of the museum entrance receipt.
Approx. 750 words.
* At the time of this writing (7/13), most museums remain closed. Considering the pandemic outbreak of the Corona-virus, students who are uncomfortable, or unable to visit museums can take a virtual tour of several museums (links below) to fulfill this assignment.
Click on one of the museums and surf through the tour of artworks, select one and discuss it in light of the prompt above.
Los Angeles Museum of Art (Links to an external site.)
Uffizi Galleries-Florence (Links to an external site.)
Getty Museum tour (Links to an external site.)
Metropolitan Museum of Art NY (Links to an external site.)
National Gallery (Links to an external site.)
Be sure to click on links within these sites to navigate the collections.