mus17 reading respond

part 1:
For this week, choose ONE of the two prompts below to address in your reading response (notice the page numbers provided):
1. What does Feld mean by “the unabashed reproduction of primitivism in world music” (2000: 154)? How does his case study, of Deep Forest’s “Sweet Lullaby” demonstrate this reproduction of primitivism, and how is this case study similar to (and different from) our lecture case study from lesson 6B, Villager’s of Ioannina City’s “Wakey Wakey”?
2. How does Hildegard Westerkamp define and describe “soundscape composition,” and what, from her perspective is the role that soundscape composers can play in addressing ecological imbalance and “initiating ecological change” (2002: 56)?
Part 2:
Write a brief paragraph in response to the following prompt (as always, feel free to include links to songs or music videos):
How have your thoughts about “world music” changed over the past 6 weeks of this course? Name one major concept that you are taking away from this course, or one major question that you have .