multiple case study

please use reference and cite references.How? How will you contact them to get them to participate? You must have a plan for this – we discussed this in our conference – HOW will you get access to members of this population? page 10 data saturation- please see comments and add detailed information on data saturation. you must use DATA SATURATION and cite appropriate studies on data saturation to justify your sample size here. How will you get their email? You cannot simply use emails online Such as what? Please give specific names of these groups and facebook groups etc. – you MUST be specific – do your research and figure it out page 15 multiple. are study. see comments focus on why multiple case – you must demonstrate your understanding of the design you are using- please read up on this –you are using each woman as a case which adds credibility and then through constant comparative methods developing a broader picture of how well collectively they represent the leadership journey etc. you are not manipulating anyone’s behavior so this is not accurate – please think carefully about what you are writing page 17 terms. write sentences with terms.