MS645 – Workplace Security

(A 2-page response is required.)
You are the newly appointed Corporate Security Manager (CSM) for Traxler Industries, a petroleum production and distribution leader with physical locations in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Anchorage, Alaska. The company’s corporate headquarters are located in Chicago, Illinois. You are replacing “Chief,” who has been the CSM since 1968. Chief is stepping down amid accusations that he has done nothing to “modernize” security efforts since the day he began as CSM. You are tasked with updating threat analyses and consolidating all security efforts for the company’s locations into one cohesive, 21st century unit capable of thwarting natural and manmade threats.
Explain how you will accomplish the modernization and centralization of the security function. Included in your answer should be a brief explanation of the following:
a. What are two (2) advances in technology and global business that have occurred since the Chief developed his CAPP in 1968?
b. Why do these advances require a reevaluation of the current CAPP?
c. How will failing to bring Traxler in line with the industry standard in security not only make the company and its assets less secure, but also less competitive in the global marketplace?