Module 6: Journal

Masculinity and Femininity

In this journal entry you will describe both masculinity and femininity from your own perspective and reflect on what you think each term means in the United States. First, either on a piece of paper or a notepad on your phone, take a minute to write down…

Five words that you think of that go with the word man

Five words that you think of that go with the word woman 

Once you have completed this task, look at the words you have written for each and answer the following questions:

Describe what you think masculinity means.

Describe what you think femininity means.

How are masculinity and femininity similar? How are they different? Were any of the words you listed for each similar or were they different? Provide an example.

Does your definition of masculinity or femininity change as you think about sexuality? Why or why not? 

Do you think your definitions are the same as the U.S. society, in general? Why or why not? 

What do you think masculinity and femininity will look like 50 years from now? Give an example of how the social definitions of masculinity, femininity, or sexuality can create social problems that also cause personal problems. 

To successfully complete this assignment, view the Journal Rubric document.