Module 2 Group Presentation

Module 2 Group Presentation


The purpose of this assignment, like all assignments in this course, is to help you prepare you to be a successful nurse. The focus on the Module 2 presentation is to make a deeper connection with hemodynamic monitoring in the ICU.


The purpose of the journals is to help you practice the following skills that are essential to your success in this course:

  • Module Outcome #1: Explain the purpose of hemodynamic monitoring



The journals will also help you become familiar with the following important content knowledge in this discipline:

  • Summarize what hemodynamic monitoring is
  • Create a presentation, infographic, or PowerPoint that explains the importance of hemodynamic monitoring


To complete the assignment, please complete the following with your group:

  1. Why do we need hemodynamic monitoring? Do an online search of Critical Care associations (SCCM, ACCP, AACN, or any other critical care based group) for their guidelines for using and managing non-invasive and invasive monitoring.
    1. Group 4: SVO2
  2. In your group, please develop either an infographic or a narrated PowerPoint explaining the indications, technique, potential complications for your type of monitoring.
  3. Submit by the assignment due date.

Criteria for Success (Rubric):

Grade and Point Range Description of Criteria



·     Explanation is clear and concise

·     A clear connection is made with all of the required information

·     Creativity is used in the selected medium


Fail ·     Explanation is choppy and unclear

·     A misguided connection is made all of the required information

·     Static words are used in the selected medium