MMC 3213 News Story

Participate in an online meeting or event (school board, city council, opening ceremony, award ceremony, press conference, lecture, panel, workshop, etc.) and report on the meeting or event.
Research the organization/institution that is hosting the meeting/event, and obtain as much background information as possible.
Interview (via email, phone, text messaging, social media) people who organized and/or attended the meeting/event.
You should report on the meeting/event as actual news. Organize your story starting with the most important facts and ending with the least important facts (inverted pyramid).

Checklist:The article has a main focus.
The article includes a headline, begins with a summary lead paragraph (5Ws and an H) and has a total of 10 short paragraphs, as shown in the pdf
The article has a headline, byline and dateline, as shown on the sample.
The article is organized in the inverted pyramid format.
The article is written in active voice.
The article uses active verbs.
The article uses AP Style, direct quotes, indirect quotes, and all other news-reporting elements found in the textbook and outlined in the organizer.
The article contains quotes from at least 2 (two) individuals interviewed (sources). **NOT your friends or family members**
Word Count: 300-400
Assignment is written in Times New Roman 12pt single-spaced.
Do not write an essay or summary of the event.
Do not include yourself in the writing. Do not share your opinion.
Refer to the AP Stylebook for the correct way to use quotes and attributions throughout your article.
The News Story must be look exactly like the sample pdf attached to this. Please read it over carefully.