Mine Case analyze

1.This Mini Case is submitted online and is an open-book activity. You may consult your
notes and textbook and eClass materials posted for the course. However, you must not —
under any circumstances — be searching for materials, examples or any answers (using
Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and other search engines in search of answers or analysis
is strictly prohibited).
6. Page limits and writing formatting requirements:
Word limit: 1,000 words max (plus any references). In other words, citations or references are not included in the Word count limit. No bibliography is required for this Mini Case assignment.
Font size: 12 point
Font style: Arial
Line Spacing: 2 (double)
Margins: 1-inch margins (or 2.54 cm margins)
Identification: Include your name and student ID at the top of each page. (you may use the “header” option for that; no title page required)
2. Citation: Any material you use in your answer that is not your own (textbook or eClass
materials) should be cited (referenced properly). Presenting some else’s ideas in your own
words requires citation. See also, Academic Honesty below.
Citation is expected; however, no specific citation format is required (In-text citations or footnotes may be used).
Page numbers must be used for verbatim quote citation.
External research (searching for or soliciting materials and ideas from sources other
than the textbook or eClass materials) is prohibited.
No bibliography is required for this Mini Case assignment.
3. Penalties: Late submissions will not be accepted. Page Limits: There are no penalties for going over the page limit. However, anything beyond 1,000 words will not be marked.