MH609 Capstone: Health Care Politics

Lesson 6: The Stakeholders

Activity 6: Hospital CEO (100 points)

For this activity, you must do independent research to determine three (3) key issues that will affect hospitals in your state’s next legislative session. Your state hospital association should have written materials concerning this matter. Also, your local papers, especially those in your state capital, have undoubtedly covered this subject thoroughly. If you are already familiar with a local hospital administrator (CEO, COO, CFO, DON, or similar party) who is active in the State Hospital Association, you may also wish to contact him/her.

Describe the three (3) issues and then for each of the issues, discuss the following.

1. What position does the association take on each statewide issue?
2. What strategies does the association have to achieve its objectives?
3. What coalitions will be formed?

Examples of issues might include funding for indigent care, Medicaid reimbursement, rural health, mental health coverage, and nursing and tech training and shortages.