MGMT501Modules Week 7: Value Creation for Products and Services

Research any of the following innovation sectors:
Aerospace, aircraft, and drones
Games, apps, and social media
Green technology
Biotechnology, drugs, and genetics
In your response, address the following:
Share at least one market trend that can drive the future creation of products and services in that field.
Suggest one product or service that can deliver value for the anticipated trend. Define the type of product or service.
Describe how an organization can create value for consumers using that specific trend.
You can find information utilizing the Plunkett, go to the DeVry Library and locate and click the “Database” menu. Look for the database tab (you must access the Library from inside the Canvas Classroom); and access the Plunkett Database using the alphabetical tool. Once in the report, choose only one innovative market sector, and access the “Market Research and Trends” Report. Use page one of this report to complete this activity.