mgmt 415 mod 2.3 Build Your Airline

Begin to build your mock airline for the course project.

1. Start with the basics and identify, at a minimum, the following:

Your mock airline name and mission statement.
Whether your airline is a mainline airline, regional airline, or cargo airline.
Whether your airline is a domestic and/or international carrier.
What type of aircraft fleet will comprise your airline.
Whether your airline will be union or non-union.
Where will your airline’s hub airports be located. You will need a minimum of three and a maximum of five hub airports.
2. Describe your airline’s overall revenue focus.

This discussion should include identification of airline revenue strategies designed to gain market share, how these strategies create determinants of airline passenger demand, focusing on specifics such as; route structure, business and leisure travel, seasonal operations, fleet structure, etc. (1-2 pages)