Methodological Approaches

Methodological Approaches
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In making your argument, make sure you reference appropriately. You may also ask any open questions at any time either via email. You can choose one of following topics(if u want to write essay let me please know which topic u choose , then I can send u sources ) or you can choose the exam that answer the questions


Thema || Topic 1: Lesen ist grundlegend. || Reading is Fun(damental).

Conceptualise a research project that is based on reading. What are you going to read and why? How do you intend to read and analyse your corpus and why? How do you position yourself towards the project?

Thema || Topic 2: Hör zu. || Listen.

Line out a research approach that is based around listening. Then discuss how your approach changes if verbal (voice- or text-based) interaction is not possible.

Thema || Topic 3: Was zählt. || What counts.

Reflect on quantitative data gathering and analysis by first introducing the approach, lining out a speculative or actual example and discuss (likely) outcomes. Which types of knowledges can be achieved this way, which would be excluded?

Thema || Topic 4: Kolonialismus (be-)zeichnen || Drawing out Colonialism
Reflect on de/colonising practices in research through a series of drawings. These do not have to follow a linear narrative or any narrative at all and can be creative in the use of materials and approachawzes as long as they are non-textual.