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Question 1
( 1 ) DISCUSS in your own words your understanding of Random Variable. Give real life examples
(2) What are the two requirements for a discrete Probability distribution?
(3) In your own words, provide an interpretation of the mean(or expected value) of a discrete random variable. Give an example in real life how this concept is used.
(4) What are the criteria for an experiment to be a binomial experiment.
(5) Write down the steps and TI84 calculator or Statcrunch binomial commands you would use to find the probability of each of this cases
(a) P(X is exactly) (b) P( X is less than) (c) P( X is more than) (d) P( X is greater than or equal to). QUESTION 2: After completing Assignment : Empirical Rule
Discuss the following questions
(a ) What is empirical rule
(b) Why is empirical rule useful
(c) Can empirical rule be used on any population, why and why not? QUESTION 3: Why is normal distribution important in statistics and in everyday life? Give examples to underscore your points