Management and Leadership Strategy for Business

Question 1 (2pages)

Issue a statement to the media (public response) (0.5-page max)
Develop a marketing strategy in response to the current problem. Include both short and long term strategies (1.5-page max)
Question 2 (2pages)
Article Review: Write a 2page Analysis Paper on the article, Strategic leadership for the 21st century by Hitt, Haynes, and Serpa :Use the items below as headings in your paper:
What are the main themes of the article/case?
What challenge, problem, or opportunities is the article/case attempting to respond to?
What are the solutions, resources, or answers provided?
How do these solutions, resources, or answers address strategic leadership explored in the course?
How will you, as a professional, integrate this learning into your own role as a leader and manager?