Literature Review Matrix / Topic Addictive Substances–Alcohol, drugs

Is that mean our gene is the reason behind addiction?
How we can help our community to understand the reasons of addiction.
Addiction treatment involved the patient, family, and other parties. What is the role of everyone in the treatment process?
Can the patient stop the addiction problem by him/herself?
.Be sure to fully and accurately describe how members of the social work profession currently address the issue of concern, as well as any specific historical movement or theory underlying that strategy. The content of the review should demonstrate proper use of paraphrasing, quotations, and citations using APA Style guidelines. Submit the Literature Review Matrix
Matrix of 4 – 6 peer-reviewed sources 3 pages
Locate 5-7 scholarly articles relevant to Addictive Substance’s Alcohol, drugs
using these 5- 7 resources, create a literature review matrix. The matrix should identify the key themes that emerged from the literature (i.e., the 5-7 resources), identify the resources, and include a snippet of information associated with the theme and respective resources.