Literary Analysis Writing Assignment

Traditionally we think of essays as long, detailed papers devoted to explaining a particular topic. Bacon, however, did not use his essays to thoroughly research a topic, but noted that his essays “may be as grains of salt, that will rather give you an appetite, than offend you with satiety.” Using the assigned texts, analyze how Bacon crafts his essays. How does he invite the reader to interact with the texts? How would you describe his word choice, tone, and organization?

-Review how Donne’s works can be divided into two categories: rakish young love poems and religious older poems. Similar images and conceits appear in both groups of poems, though. Using “A Valediction” and one Holy Sonnet of your choice, write a literary analysis that compares and contrasts the love poem and the sonnet. How do the poems express the speaker’s desires, hopes, or fears? Explain how the poems are similar and different.

-Andrew Marvell’s “To His Coy Mistress” and “The Definition of Love” both focus on romantic relationships. However, each poem presents different types of “love” or attitudes towards romance. Compare and contrast the types of relationships described in each poem. What imagery is used in each poem and how does it contribute to the overall theme?
Pick two of the prompts out of the three to write on. Both should be 300-400 words each with an introduction, body, and conclusion paragraph. I do have to turn into TurnItIn so all writiawzng must be original thought from works.