Length: 500–700 words for each essayAnswer three of the following six questions. These questions

Length: 500–700 words for each essay
Answer three of the following six questions. These questions are based on the study questions, so your answers to the study questions are the key to completing this assignment.
Each of your answers should be in the form of a short essay—do not use point form. You may use either APA or MLA style, but the important thing is to choose a format and apply it consistently and honestly throughout your essay. For guidance on what you should be looking for when crafting your assignment, you will find it useful to consult the “Writing Essays” page in the Course Information. Also very important is the “Academic Integrity and Plagiarism” page, which you should read before beginning your essay. Additionally, the “Resources: General, Research, and Writing” link at the bottom of the course home page contains a list of other valuable online writing resources.

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1) In “Ill-Founded Criticisms of Business Ethics,” Vaidya critically responds to four common criticisms of business ethics. Explain (i) the argument of the critic who claims that business ethics is “indeterminate,” (ii) Vaidya’s response to this argument, and (iii) why you agree or disagree with Vaidya’s counter-argument.
2) What is a normative ethical theory? Answer this question by explaining the evaluative standards of conduct offered by three of the five ethical theories discussed in Units 2 and 3. Use examples to illustrate your explanation of each of these ethical theories.
3) How does David Meeler’s analysis of the global textile industry illustrate both a positive and a negative aspect of utilitarianism in practice?
15 references 5 for each essay would look good