Lab- Lock down windows client machine

You can use your own Windows device for this lab. Make sure you include screen shots of your analysis.
Task Description
Analyze your own Windows device. That analysis should include a discussion on;Describe the steps you took to analyze the device securityIs the device open to the Internet? How would you know?
Does the device have vulnerabilities? How would you know?
From the OSI perspective, what is the risk profile of this device?

How would you mitigate those issues that were identified? How would you further lock down that device?
If you were a security leader for an organization, how would this translate into cybersecurity governance – i.e. policies, procedures, etc.?

Note – You can find several vulnerability scanning services for free on the Internet – use those, if they apply, to your device. Shodan is a great tool.
Requirements -Your findings and mitigation’s should be written in the APA format, 12 point font, with a title and reference page. Your paper should be between 4-6 pages and include screenshots of your work.