kon-sales-activty 11

He works hard, plans ahead, and exhibits self-confidence. One day, he made his first presentation to a prospective new client, the California Steel Company.
“Ladies and gentlemen,” said Jamison, “our forms are of the highest quality, yet they are priced below our competitor’s forms. I know that you are a large user of business forms and that you use a wide variety. Whatever your need for business forms, I assure you that we can supply them. Our forms are noted for their durability. They can run through your machines at 60 per minute and they’ll perform perfectly.”
“Perfectly, Mr. Jamison?” asked the California Steel executive. “Didn’t you have some trouble at Ogden’s last year?”
“Oh,” replied Jamison, “that wasn’t the fault of our forms. They had a stupid operator who didn’t follow instructions. I assure you that if our instructions are followed precisely you will have no trouble.
“Furthermore, we keep a large inventory of our forms so that you need never worry about delays. A phone call to our office is all that is necessary to ensure prompt delivery of the needed forms to your plant. I hope, therefore, that I can be favored with your order.””
Did Jamison handle this situation correctly? Why?
Answer the question provided above in essay form. This is to be in narrative form and should be as thorough as possible.
The paper should be at least 1– 1.5 pages in length.
Times New Roman 12-pt font, double-spaced, 1inch margins.
Utilize at least one outside scholarly or professional source related to sales and customer relationship management. The textbook should also be utilized.
APA formatting and citation should be used.