Journal 2: Selecting the Human-Machine System

Hi I have uploaded my project proposal with the requirements. Please let me know if you have any questions.
This is an individual assignment. Each student must submit a journal with a reflection on his/her personal experience while developing the Team Service Project.
Reflect on your personal experience in selecting the Human-Machine Systems (HMS) for the Team Service Project.
For example, you may address the following questions in your journal: How did your team decide what HMS you were going to study? Did you have input from company representatives? Did you ask the company contacts either what HMS was critical for them or what HMS had presented more problems in the past (accidents, human errors, low productivity, defects, etc.)? Did you have more than one choice for the HMS? Did you have to change your choice of HMS while developing the project? How did your team come to a consensus on the HMS to be analyzed? How easy/difficult was this process? Knowing what you have learned in this experience, how would you approach selecting the HMS if you had to do another Work Analysis service project? What would you recommend as best practices in selecting the HMS for the Team Service Project to future students?