jour110 Discussion

First part :Military/Film Connection(150-250words)The film chapter brings with it an idea that we will pick up on throughout the rest of the semester, one of the key concepts of the course: The difference between censorship, regulation, and self regulation. Any discussion of the intersection between the military and filmmakers is bound to bring up whether or not film is subject to censorship.
For this assignment, you must read these two articles:
The Military’s Hollywood Connection (Links to an external site.)
Calling the Shots on War Movies (Links to an external site.)
You also need to listen to at least 10 minutes of the NPR show, Talk of the Nation/Does the Military Wag the Dog (Links to an external site.), as they discuss this topic as well.)
Then, submit a post in which you summarize the connection between the military and Hollywood.
Give your opinion on whether this relationship between the military and Hollywood is risky in any of the following areas, and if so, which one(s):censorship
self regulation.

Respond to at least one classmate’s post.
others post: The military and Hollywood have had a long relationship with each other. They collaborate on several fronts, like supplying film locations, soldiers, and military vehicles and weapons to portray a very realistic look into how the military operates. In return, movies are able to depict the military in a positive light, as a sort of “ad” which increases recruitment efforts. While I think there’s a slippery slope with the relationship between Hollywood and the military, I think it is risky especially in the case of censorship. The fact that the military can vet films that portray wars like the War in Iraq to control their image, can be an issue to the point where a movie that depicts something that is a straight up lie or extreme propaganda. I think movies should have the creative freedom to portray as realistic as they want it to be without the military trying to censor them.
Example Respond: totally agree about the ad part which can increase the recruitment efforts. In the NPR article they mention Top Gun. I remember when the movie came I as a kid thinking how cool would it be to join the military or be a wife to a military pilot (until Goose died of course)
Second part:Should films with smoking get an automatic R rating?
First, take this quick survey on your initial thoughts about smoking in films and an R rating.
Then, watch this video on censorship vs. self-regulation vs. regulation

Then have a discussion about whether or not you believe films that depict smoking should have automatic R ratings and why or why not. (A few hundred words)
Part three:In Part #2, you asserted your initial opinion about whether or not films with smoking in them should get an automatic R rating. Now you are going to do some research to back up your original opinion. (It’s OK, too, to change your mind from your original opinion. If that’s the case, say in the discussion that you changed your mind.)
First, watch this clip
Then, go to the Onscreen Tobacco Database of the Smoke-Free Movies site (Links to an external site.) that has information on how smoking is shown in films.
In your discussion post, reference some of the information there as support as to whether or not you think smoking should garner an automatic R rating.