Java Question

Objective: Gain experience writing, creating and using objects and arrays of objects.
Video Call for Action:
Program: The company that invented the Reading Tracker application wants your help branching out to new domains, and they are looking for your innovative ideas to help them expand. Their original tracker class definition was written specifically to track reading, so they need your help on two fronts. First, they want you to write a very generic Tracker class, that can be provided with information to customize it, rather than having a specific application like tracking pages read hard-coded into it. Second, they want you to write a user interface to test your specific concept (that you submitted as your See Objects in Life assignment) with focus groups. Remember that they will want to use your Tracker object to interface with other concept code they may be testing, so any classmate’s main should be able to interact with your Tracker seamlessly and your main should be able to interact with any classmates Tracker object seamlessly. Also Remember that all tracking information and manipulation should be occurring in the Tracker object. The main only contains the array to hold multiple reference variables to Tracker tasks and the user interface to get information from the user.
Attached is the description of this assignment.