ITEC5020 Discussion related to GUI Frameworks

Java is no exception, with frameworks including JavaFX, Swing, Apache Pivot, Qt Jambi, and AWT as options. However, within a specific project, it is important to use a single framework. Compare and contrast JavaFX to another GUI framework:
Explain the structure of the GUI framework chosen.
Describe the layout managers available in each framework.
Explain the design capabilities within the GUI framework.
Given your research, conclude which GUI framework you would choose to use in considering multiple platforms and devices.
Response Guidelines
Return to the discussion at the end of the week to read and review the posts of your peers and respond to at least one learner. Does anyone else’s research resonate with your own? Post a comment and add questions to further explore the experiences of your fellow learners. Also, in your response posts, comment on whether the methodologies described by a peer could be used to support GUI development.