is work a necessity?

write a 2 page research page based essay on one of the following three topics:
1. The burden of labor: is work a necessity? Why do people have to work: is that duty, a socially acceptable behavior, or a natural predisposition?
2. are working women better mothers?
3. is sincere love and care for children more important than the type of family (single parent or gay couple) ?

student must cite a minimum of two resources, the textbook, and an additional source from the student’s research. If students are using further additional sources, they must also be citied in text and in the reference page.

wikipedia is not considered a valid or permissible resource for this assignment. The use of this website is considered plagiarism.

APA format: 12 pt: Times new roman font, double spaced

title page
body paragraphs
reference page

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