IRP Memorandum (Job modification)

The student will create and submit a business report that clearly communicates a recommendation based on their analysis of the data set that includes an analysis of different courses of action using weighted factors. The students will also create a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes their IRP and present their analysis live, via video-teleconference or as a recorded video presentation. The student will also answer questions about their presentation. Note: The IRP should involve either conducting an ANOVA or Regression Analysis using SAS and submitting the complete results including Tables, P value, Pr value, R-square, and graphics to prove you conducted the required SAS analysis. The IRP project should involve your research question findings as previously specified in your “IRP Research Questions and Data Set” exercise.
The professor’s comments and what needs to be revised: This isn’t very interesting. You at least need to show a box plot of the ANOVA so you can see the difference between the two states. I mostly see Excel, which isn’t allowed for the IRP.
Need to use SAS!!!!!!