Introduction to Philosophy Term-project

Hello, instructions and topic are attached. THERE SHOULD BE 0 PLAGIARISM OR WE WILL GET 0
Term Project Suggestions
Choose one of the following projects to do either alone or in
a group of 2 – 5 students. If you work in a group every group
member will receive the same grade except if group members
write a self-evaluation and suggest why one/some group
member[s] should receive a lower grade.
Your work will be graded based on the understanding of the
course material, accuracy of the work, writing style/grammar
(so use spell-check and a dictionary) and accuracy of citation
(use one citation style consistently throughout). Your report
should be 4-6 pages long (plus figures, illustrations if
applicable), 12-point font, double spaced.
TOPIC: Term Project Suggestion 2
Recently there has been much debate about defunding/dismantling police
departments. A friend tries to convince you that the best alternative to
government regulation is self-regulation. Do you agree with them? Why
or why not?
What your report should contain:
• State clearly what your position is.
• Next, explain what self-regulation is, how it can be effective, and how it
can deal with conflict. Why would it/not be superior over-regulation by
the government?
• Pay special attention to ethical issues we covered in class (creating the
greatest happiness for the greatest number, fairness to minorities, justice
for all, …)