Interview questions relating to Land Surveying. Conduct a research online concerning the field of land surveying and answer questions professional

1. Describe your overall experience and responsibilities related to Land survey work in a field environment including equipment, data collection software, and Field to Finish feature coding?

2. Describe your experience without Least Squares Adjustments, developing Computer Aided Design (CAD) deliverables such as Recordable Plats and Topographic Maps, Surface Model Building, and the software packages used.
3. Describe your experience with Architect-Engineer (AE) Survey Contracts including writing Scopes of Work, estimating costs, negotiating an awardable fee, and managing the contract through delivery.

4. What do you consider your greatest strength and weakness related to field data acquisition, developing Computer Aided Design (CAD) deliverables, and Architect-Engineer (AE) contract management?