integrated Christian Family Therapy

What is an Integrated Christian Family Therapy? Provide a short summary based on your reading from the textbook and further research, if desired. Discuss how your theological beliefs influence understanding and practice of counseling couples and families. As a Christian, how would seek to integrate your theology or a Biblical worldview into your practice of marriage and family counseling? Also, be sure to address whether such an integrated approach can reflect dimensions of first-generation family therapy approaches that are consistent with a Christian view of the family.

Use APA 7 format
I have provided chapter 12 in word document

Book: FAMILY THERAPIES A Comprehensive Christian Appraisal SECOND EDITION Mark A. Yarhouse and James N. Sells

Yarhouse, M. A., & Sells, J. N. (2017). Family Therapies: A Comprehensive Christian Appraisal (Christian Association for Psychological Studies Books) (2nd ed.). IVP Academic.

(Yarhouse & Sells, 2017)

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