Increase in Child Poverty and Extreme Poverty

Final: Policy response to a social problem
Using the social problem you discussed in mid-term, write about a current policy or law in your jurisdiction or National Law that has been designed to address this problem:

Briefly describe the history of the policy. What is the jurisdiction of this policy (i.e., is this a national, state, or local law)? Who inspired and championed the creation of it? Was there a critical incident that spurred the development of this policy at the time it was introduced?
Describe the policy in detail. You may quote the entire policy verbatim, but then go on to describe what it means in your own words. What are the key provisions that address the social problem?
How well does this policy or law work at addressing the social problem? Has the problem gotten worse, improved, or stayed the same since this policy or law has been introduced? What criticisms have there been to it? Do you think these criticisms are valid?
To what extent does this policy or law concur with social work values? What changes would you suggest to this policy to improve its concurrence with social work values?
APA style required. Incorporate class readings and scholarly literaturawze. 8 – 10 pages.