In The Prince, Niccolò Machiavelli

Essay Prompt:
In The Prince, Niccolò Machiavelli provides advice to a would-be ruler on ways to successfully
overcome the challenges presented by fortuna in the political realm. Explain his understanding of
fortuna and how it relates to his more general conception of politics.
Your answers should include: an argument, clear organization and structure, effective use of
textual evidence, demonstration of comprehension, correct citations, and clear writing.
Only Thing To Cite In This Essay:
Machiavelli, N. and Mansfield, H., 1998. The Prince. 2nd ed. Chicago: The University of
Chicago Press.
Important Thing To Note:
The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate your interpretive and critical thinking skills in an
exegetic essay. An exegetic essay is an interpretive engagement with a text that draws on the
content therein to discover deeper meaning, insights, consequences, and relevance. You might
think of the essay as a dialogue between your own thoughts and the content in the texts. With this
goal in mind, you want to be clear where the context from the text ends, and your own
interpretation of it begins. You should also note that this paper is neither a research paper nor an
opinion piece. That is, you are not required to do outside research to establish your argument; in
fact, the best papers will only appeal to the course texts. But be careful not to slip into an opinion
piece. Your analysis should be rooted in an argument and inquiry that emerges from engagement
with the texts, rather than your own external opinions and beliefs.