I am looking for help to summarize articles on Dyslexia.

I do have 4 articles for Dyslexia, and I do need help, so please read the follow instructions
I want you to follow these requirements, please:
* Used the APA format correctly
* Summarized the main ideas of the article
* Summaries included all the parts of a summary ( First sentence- in the first sentence of a summary, you must include the title, author, and general main idea of reading- Body- in the body of a summary are the main ideas ONLY paraphrased, Reminder phrases- phrases that show the reader this, not the summarizer’s own words- Reporting verbs- special verbs used to report what others say-Transitions – Concluding sentence-there is also a concluding sentence that lets the reader know that the summary is complete)
* The summary should be only 100-150 words for every articles.
1- for this article just focuses on the introduction and these submittals (Epidemiology of Dyslexia- Neurobiologic Influences-Cognitive Influences)
2- for this article just focuses on the first page only
3- for this article just focuses on whole article
What Is Dyslexia | Understood
4- for this article just focuses on whole article

please ask me if you do have questions.