I am applying for a masters program in health informatics. I’m looking for someone

I am applying for a masters program in health informatics. I’m looking for someone to write my personal statement for me the following is what needs to be discussed and I have also given some background information on myself. if you may be able to add into this and have a 2 page double space or one page single space that would be great.
What motivated you to pursue a graduate degree in Health Informatics?-what motivated me is the fact that I have a bachelor in neuropsychology and it has been very tough finding a job with this degree I decided i want to further my career in something that actually interests me and a masters in health informatics will open a lot of doors.
Why you are interested in applying to this Univeristy’s master of Health Informatics program. –  I am interested at this university because this is where i received my bachelors degree and i cannot imagine going to any other university. i have made amazing relationships with both professors and student whom i now consider family. 
What are your short-term and long-term goals. –  short term is to receive this degree with a great understanding and good grades, long term is to become a chief information office is my ultimate goal. to become successful.
How you believe the Master of Health Informatics program will contribute to you achieving your short-term and long-term career goals. – it will give me insight in exactly what i want and open more doors for me as well. 
some background. I am 23 years old, I have a bachelors in neuroscience, neuropsychology track. I have been in tthe U.S for 12 years now as my parents are also immigrants they want  nothing but the best from their children. I believe this program will help me achieve my goals. if you have any questions dont hesitate to ask.