There can be many reasons for your stops. It could be ideas you agree or disagree with, or new information that provokes or challenges your previous thoughts, or tips or advice that motivate you to know more about. Once you mark them by highlighting, insert a comment box and elaborate your thinking with as much as details. This is called metacognition: thinking about your thinking.
. Once you annotated your own reading, now read your peers’ annotations and respond to them. Very similar to Discussion board activity. However, in this activity, you are asked to reply to as many annotations as possible instead of making a certain number of replies. The purpose of this activity is to enrich your group’s conversation about Rosenberg’s text. Your responses should go BEYOND saying “I like it”, “I agree with you”, ” This is interesting”. Instead, expand or extend your peer’s annotation, pose constructive questions, help fill the gap of your peer’s questions, or make those questions even more complex. You are welcome to add images or pictures that support your ideas, if you want, being mindful of netiquettes.I JUST NEED 3 OR 4 HIGHLIGHT IS ENOUND. I WILL UPLOAD THE READING