This is the link to Avenue Q. CONTENT REQUIREMENTS:Paragraph # 1 (label this paragraph This is the link to Avenue Q. 
Paragraph # 1 (label this paragraph “Introduction”)Yes, the labels are part of the word count. 
INTRODUCTION: 3 points Name of the production.The date you viewed the production.Briefly, did you like or dislike the production and why?Do not create a separate page for your name and title, but rather, follow these directions.
Paragraph # 2
ACTING: 5 points (Label this paragraph “Acting”)1. Provide an effective analysis of your favorite OR least favorite character (You must provide the name of the character (ONLY one character, favorite or least favorite. Not both.) and you MUST state the character name. Do not email GTA’s or the instructor for this information,     it is your responsibility).  
You must include one specific example from the performance that supports your opinion about the character. Failure to include this specific example will result in zero points for this section.  You must label this paragraph, “Acting”. It must comment (as stated above) on the acting of the performer, NOT the actions of the character. Again, this is not commenting on if you feel the actions of the character are “good” or “bad”, but rather, the skills of the performer. Failure to do so will result in zero points for this entire section.   
Paragraph # 3