HRMN 361 Week 8

From the HRM perspective, what are the implications for the employees and management, of managing labor relations in the Public Sector? Be specific.
US Coast Guard Office of Civilian Human Resources Federal Labor Relations
OPM Labor Management Relations
U.S. Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA)
Guide to Arbitration Under Federal Labor Relations [Labor Law Handbook]
Discussion # 2 [No points for this topic]
Reflect upon the achievement of Course Outcomes.
identify, interpret, and apply rules and policies governing the labor relations process
research and prepare background materials to support the labor relations process
differentiate between unionized and non-unionized environments in order to maintain legal compliance
identify, analyze, and classify potential labor relations issues in order to support the decision-making process
Considering the activities, assignments, etc.
Do you feel that you have achieved these competencies? What has been most useful in this course? What was a challenge in this course?