How does pandemic changing peoples life?

Schools and universities have closed, exams and events postponed. Socializing with friends and wider family is highly discouraged and in some places even punishable.
COVID-19 has changed the world of retail and the customer. Consumer’s confidence has fallen; people are worried about the future. The shopping basket has change, the routine of running households, the reasons for purchasing and the availability of goods and services have changed.
Because of COVID-19 pandemic, people have become distanced but the role of internet has increased more than ever. Social networks have become more actively used by the companies as platforms for displaying content as well as communicating with consumers.
The Pandemic has fundamentally changed the world drastically as we know it. People are living differently, buying differently, thinking differently, working differently and in many ways. Through this pandemic many and more people have learn different things in their day to day (in case of upper class and upper middle class). Besides them many and more people were engaged through fear, poverty (in case of lower class).
Furthermore, This Pandemic has changed each and every thing drastically in each and every individual life. Because of this pandemic many people have attempt suicide. It’s all because of poverty. So here, we can summarized that this pandemic has effect in each individuals day to day life.