Hourglass Dolphin

5in x 11in

Answer the specific questions relative to your creature
You need to make your flier:interesting
aesthetically appealing
something you could place in a professional portfolio

You need at least 3 resourcesThese resources must be cited throughout your flier, listed out on the bottom of the source is cited on page
Several students forget this

Your flier must also include at least one form of data either in the form of a table or a graph.
You need to address all of the questions below in your flier.
Where does your organism live? Describe its habitat. Relate this back to plate tectonics and different marine provinces.
How long does it live?
Does it use ocean circulation to move?
Is it a nekton, plankton, or benthos?
Where does it live in the water column? Euphoritic, disphotoic, or aphotic zone? Water temperature?
Where does it live relative to land? Neritic or pelagic zone.
Where does your creature fit in the food web? What does it eat? What eats it?
Does your creature have special survival skills?
Do humans affect this creature?
What would happen if your creature went extinct?
Is climate change a threat to your creature?