Homework 1

Summarize one of the 4 assigned texts and then write a thesis that responds to both of the following questions:
What are 2-3 challenges of online learning that you might face this semester?
What can you do to help prevent these challenges or respond to them? Include 1, 2, or 3 specific solutions.
The body of your essay will support your thesis by further explaining each problem and each solution. You also need to include cited ideas (quotes and/or paraphrases) from an assigned reading in each of your body paragraphs. Use the source that you summarized to further support your own ideas, but you may also quote from a second source (optionally).
Key Due Dates
Here are the main assignments and due dates for this essay:
Due DatesAssignmentsBy (or before) Tuesday of Week 2 Readings CompletedBy (or before) Friday of Week 2Prewriting: Discussion BoardBy (or before) Tuesday of Week 3Detailed Outline of Essay 1By (or before) Friday of Week 3Final Draft of Essay 1Essay Structure Breakdown
Click on each of the following expanders to read more details about what each section of the essay should include and sound like.
Expand AllPanels Collapse AllPanelsIntroduction Paragraph
Body Paragraphs
Conclusion Paragraph
A Note about Personal Pronouns and Personal Experience:
Oftentimes, we’re taught not to use “I” in an essay. In English 100, we’ll be learning when to adhere to that rule and when you should break it.
Because prompt questions for this essay ask you about yourself, you must use personal pronouns (e.g., I, me, my, myself) throughout the essay.
More specifically, you should have personal pronouns in:
The thesis,
Topic sentences, and
The personal experience (evidence) included in each body paragraph.
Thesis Templates
Feel free to use the following templates as you draft your own thesis:
This semester, I think (challenge #1), (challenge #2), and (challenge #3) may be difficult for me; however, I can address these by (solution #1), (solution #2), and (solution #3).
Although I may face (challenge #1) and (challenge #2) this semester, I plan to (solution #1) and (solution #2) to help me succeed in my classes.
Organization Options
There are many ways you can organize ideas in an essay.
Here are 2 of the most common patterns for organizing this essay:
Body ParagraphOption #1: Point by Point MethodOption #2: Block Method1Challenge #1