History 40C: Section B1: Week 2 Discussion Board

The following discussion questions cover Week 2 module. Please choose one of the questions and post your comment. After you post your comment, you will be able to see other classmates’ comments. Please respond to two classmates’ comments.
Your comment should be at least 100 words. Each of your responses to two classmates should be two or three sentences (around 30 words for each). Please respect your classmates’ opinions. No insults are allowed and tolerated.
Please include parenthetical citations, if you cite any materials. The citations should have at least the authors’ last names and page numbers. For example, (Tilly, 10). Any plagiarized comments will not be graded as participation points.
Please choose ONE:
1) How does Nell Irvin Painter’s reading help you understand the evolution of women’s organizing through the nineteenth and the early twentieth centuries? You should consider the women’s struggles in terms of gender, race, and class. To support your argument, please cite and discuss two examples from the reading.
2) How do Marcus Garvey’s speeches help you understand the emergence and movement of the “New Negro”? Your answer should include (1) who Garvey is, (2) what visions he had and what he did, and (3) what the “New Negro” movement is. For your answer, please cite and discuss two examples from his speeches. You can also cite other class materials of Week 1 and 2, if these are helpful.
3) What kind of contradictions can we see between Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points and Marcus Garvey