Historical Origins and Evolution of Corrections

Over the first 2 weeks of this course, through the Learning Resources and Discussions, you have explored the history and evolution of the corrections system, in terms of punishments, prison conditions, and historical themes that persist in the contemporary system. In this Assignment, you write a paper that provides the opportunity for you to demonstrate and expand on your understanding of the history and evolution of the correctional system and its influence on contemporary correctional practices.
Submit a 1,100 to 1,250-word paper in which you address the following:
Explain how major historical circumstances and societal developments contributed to the need for a correctional system. (250–300 words)
Identify three major historical reform movements in the correctional system. Then describe the reasoning behind each reform movement. Finally, explain the degree to which each movement had meaningful and lasting effects on the correctional system. (350–400 words)
Identify three historical correctional practices you think have shaped the contemporary correctional practices the most. Explain how and why. The practices could relate to prison design/construction, prison conditions, rehabilitation, and/or punishment. (250–300 words)
Explain the role of corrections in today’s criminal justice system. Then describe one aspect of the contemporary correctional system that you think still needs to evolve and explain why. (250 words)