Hidden Markov Model

Please research about Hidden Markov Model (specifically in Image Analysis Systems)
please make sure to include these points in the report:
Introduction section explaining the topic, and motivation. Specific aims of your project.
A section for Discussion of previous work. You must cite some relevant sources from the literature. Describe that work briefly and give some explanation. Don’t just list it without any comment.
A section for Description of the techniques you used to solve the problem and/or perform experiments. Describe the algorithms you used and testing procedures.
A section to Describe programming implementation and the use of existing software tools.
References. List of papers cited in the text. Use a consistent citation style – see examples of styles in published journal or conference papers.
you should cite only journal articles, papers from conference proceedings, and books (sometimes citing websites is unavoidable, but should be done only rarely).
Attached is some material you can look into.