Heuristic Evaluation

Heuristic Assessment
1. Complete the ‘Heuristic’ column in the XLS sheet provided, for your assigned website.
2. The ratings should be: Yes, No, Not Applicable (N/A).
3. Every ‘No’ rating MUST have a severity rating and comment explaining what the issue is.
Severity Rating
1. Complete the ‘Severity Rating’ column in the provided XLS where applicable.
2. Ratings should be: Minor, Moderate, Critical.
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Results Summary
1. Provide a written overview of your heuristic evaluation results – what areas (heuristic categories 1-10) do your results suggest need improvement.
2. In detail, discuss the top 5 individual improvements needed – what are they and why are they the most severe. Include annotated screenshots of the issues. Design recommendations are not required for this assignment.