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You are approached by the marketing director of a local company, who believes that he has devised a foolproof way to measure customer satisfaction. He explains his scheme as follows: “It’s so simple that I can’t believe that no one has thought of it before. I just keep track of the number of customer complaints for each product. I read in a data mining book that counts are ratio attributes, and so, my measure of product satisfaction must be a ratio attribute. But when I rated the products based on my new customer satisfaction measure and showed them to my boss, he told me that I had overlooked the obvious, and that my measure was worthless. I think that he was just mad because our bestselling product had the worst satisfaction since it had the most complaints. Could you help me set him straight?”a. Who is right, the marketing director or his boss? If you answered, his boss, what would you do to fix the measure of satisfaction?b. What can you say about the attribute type of the original product satisfaction attribute?
explain in briefly, use word docunt pleas.