Health Care Planning

Review: Health Care Organization Financial Analysis Chapter 3 page 70.
This task allows students to learn the impact of strategic planning. Students take part in a planning event evaluating financial outcomes. Students use the basics of strategic planning. This shows knowledge of health care management concepts. The student’s skill in planning is expanded. To complete this task the student submits an APA-formatted paper that:
1 Applies the data from Chapter 3 page 70
2 Clearly defines the operational, strategic and corporate planning process
3 Identifies and reviews the 4 major parts of corporate planning
4 Creates a plan using the 4 major types of corporate planning
5 Defines and includes the 4 major Health Care Financial Analysis ratios
6 Cites no less than 5 scholarly references
Students should use the following format for their written assignment.
1 Your paper must include three to five pages of written content.
2 Use APA format and cite sources, as necessary.
3 In addition to the 3 to 5 pages of written content, please include:
◦ Title Page
◦ Abstract
◦ Appropriate Headings and Sub-Headings
◦ Reference Page (minimum of 5 scholarly references)
4 Use a minimum of 5 scholarly references – scholarly references can include peer-reviewed articles, textbook, journalawzs, and scholarly news articles.